My journey with steel tongue drums began back in 2013, in Andalucia. That’s were I laid my hands on a tongue drum for the first time. Indeed it was a love at first touch. And the dare too - to make one myself. Soon after reaching home i gave it a go and it led me to hear the ding and the dong of my first drum. And then one more, and another one.

Till the passion grew to become a craft, and the drums grew to become the Moondrums. That’s the name i decided to give to my drums.

Why moon? Because the drum is round, because the steel reflects the light, because these sounds make you day-dream.

Today I dream and work with two more friends: Evaldas and Martynas. Our wonderful back up is: photographer Saulė Česnakavičiūtė and Jūratė Valentukevičienė, who sews the bags for the drums.

Our drums are fully hand crafted and we love our work. We strive for making a high quality instruments, that will give you pleasure for years, both for your eyes and the ears.


Sincerely Yours,